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Consumer Marketing


A B'HAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) was coined by Stanford authors James Collins and Jerry Porras to describe how large, successful companies were able to distinguish themselves by using ambitious, seemingly unattainable goals to motivate their work.  

Now we know you think that premiums are not always sexy. They serve a purpose and have a job to do. Sometimes the job is big and sometimes it is small. But at Sports Enthusiasts, we know Soft PVC footballs are way better than a disposable pen. Let us help you support your B'HAG with the right solution! Whether it is outrageous, grabby, inspiring, or right on the money and challenge us!  



Our cutting-edge lineup includes sport balls, curling rocks, hockey pucks, figure and hockey skates, sport themed key chains, character images and specialty designs. Our Soft Sport products are ideal for product launches, in-pack promotions, channel initiatives, special events, sports programs, sales meetings, trade shows and public relations activities. The possibilities are virtually endless.  



Our quality PVC-filled beanie balls are a great way to take your message to the streets. Choose from a lineup of mini-sized Footballs, Basketballs, Hockey Pucks, Baseballs, Rugby Balls, Soccer Balls, Volleyballs and Cricket balls. All our products are available in an array of colors and custom designed to include your message or company logo. If you can imagine it, we can print it. Let us master the art of the impossible!  



Our inflatable balls really got game. We have Footballs, Basketballs, Soccer balls, Rugby balls and Volleyballs to use at live events, street promotions, grassroots sports sponsorships or as in-store display enhancers. 



We bring on the noise and excitement at your next sport or promotional event with our Inflatable Rally Sticks and #1 Hands, Stadium/Arena Clappers, Megaphones, Rally Towels, Pep Rags, and Foam Cheer Gear. These items also create a strong visual presence and guarantee your logo or message exposure at any event large or small.  



What happens when you need to reward your best customers or Internal Staff. One of the hardest decisions to make in your promotion is what premium to use, because you can never be sure who has what already. So, what makes a good premium? The most important characteristics of an effective premium is that it supports your brand, is unique or interesting enough to keep, and that it must have a high perceived value in order to achieve the desired effect. we have ideas for you!!  



That's where our unique premiums and design capabilities enhance your brand's awareness and drives sales. Our enthusiastic Account Management Team is second-to-none and are a key resource to getting things done on budget and on time. We effectively and proactively manage on your behalf the strategic development, design, production and execution of your premiums. In short, we are the aspirin that makes your premium headaches go away.  

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