Figure Skating

Figure Skating

Keeping your audience entertained and pumped is key to successfully running a sporting event. You want your giveaways to generate excitement at the competitions and exhibitions. You want to get the audience cheering for more.


Sports Enthusiasts is a North American marketing firm specializing in customized sports merchandise. Our Soft Sport and Custom Design lines create a lasting connection between your team and planned promotional activities on and off the ice. Our Soft material products are also ideal for In-Rink Promotions, Fan Tosses, Autographs, Special Events, Tournaments and Fundraisers.  


At Sports Enthusiasts, we can put a real spin to your promotional giveaways. Our Soft line Skates and Skate Key Chains provide you the ultimate in design flexibility and in every imaginable color. Just think of your team name or competition on cow-spotted figure skates. Let us master the art of the impossible! 


As well, we can enthuse your fans with our unique Foam Cheer Gear Waivers, Specialty Hats and other assorted products. If you want to wave the flag or a #1 Hand at your event, we have you covered.  

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