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Promotional Agencies

Looking for the next "Aha" moment at an upcoming client presentation? Let us help you hit one out of the park. Our roster of customized promotional products are ideal enhancements to product launches, inpack promotions, channel initiatives, special events, sports programs, sales meetings, trade shows and public relations activities. The possibilities are virtually endless. 

In addition to offering an outstanding core product line, our value-added services are what sets us apart from the rest of the pack. We are passionate, nimble, creative, and above all, resourceful. Let us put our years of experience and overseas resources to work for you. Consider us an agency within your agency! If you need yellow hockey pucks and red footballs with a picture of your client's face, it might not be pretty but it is possible. Let us master the art of the impossible! 

Our products got game! 


Our cutting-edge lineup includes Sport Balls, Curling Rocks, Hockey Pucks, Figure and Hockey Skates, Sport-themed Key Chains, Character Images and Specialty Designs. The possibilities are virtually endless.  



Our quality PVC-filled beanie balls are a great way to take your message to the streets. Choose from a lineup of mini-sized Footballs, Basketballs, Baseballs, Hockey Pucks, Rugby Balls, Soccer Balls, Volleyballs and Cricket Balls. All our products are available in an array of colors and are custom designed to include your message or company logo. If you can imagine it, we can print it. Let us master the art of the impossible!



We will bring on the noise and excitement to your next sport or promotional event. Take a gander at our Inflatable Rally Sticks and #1 Hands, Stadium/Arena Clappers, Megaphones, Rally Towels, Pep Rags, and Foam Cheer Gear. These items create a strong visual presence and guarantee your logo or message exposure at any event big or small.



Our inflatable balls really got game. We have Footballs, Basketballs, Soccer balls, Rugby balls and Volleyballs to use at live events, street promotions, grassroots sports sponsorships or in-store. We have you covered on all the sizes and designs. 


Although the word "Sports" is at the beginning of our name, that is not where our capabilities end. We have an outstanding network of contacts and factories to help you deliver a home run at your next brain storming session or client presentation. Does your QSR client need plastic bibs and balloons to give away to kids? We got’em. Do you need to find a quality but low-priced premium for an in-pack promotion? We will find it. Are you running an experiential marketing program with fun giveaways this coming summer? Let us wow you by stretching your client's budget further. 
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